Legal Action Against Mandatory Vaccines

Submissions Now Closed

Barrister Raymond Broomhall will be acting for National Education United. If you wish to be a part of this representation you will need to prepare a statement about how the vaccine mandates have affected you and what you have been subjected to?

You will also need to provide the full name of your Employer, contact person, email address, and postal address.
Your employer is the governing association (public, private, Catholic, independent) AND the person who has been sending the notices e.g Georgina Harrison for NSW DoE or Jenny Atta for Victoria DET or if you’re not in the department then whoever is the Director of the school association.

Your employer is also your school name and your principal so you’ll need these contact details as well. There are two fields for this. This applies to casual staff, temporary staff, cleaners, cooks, support staff, corporate staff, early childhood educators, TAFE, etc.

If you are employed through an agency and they have passed on the mandate then you must include them.

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