Food & Toy Drive

Firstly, may I just say that on behalf of the entire NEU Admin Team, we are simply overwhelmed by the kind offers and generosity of our amazing members. The level of support has been incredible, and we cant thank you enough.

We have had many discussions as a team regarding this project, and after careful consideration, feel we have a plan that will streamline things, and help us achieve this in a slightly different manner.

What we are going to do is make next week, ‘National Food and Toy Drive Week’, where we will simply ask all of our amazing members that wish to donate food and/or toys, to simply take the items to one of the designated places that we will post on our main channel. We are going to have multiple locations across the country to make this a simple process.

This will greatly streamline things and take out one step in the process of getting the items to the places that need them most, and enable them to be distributed to families even faster.

The families that have reached out to us for assistance are being well cared for by our team, and will all be receiving groceries and/or toys, clothing and any other items to help get them through these testing times as well. As we speak, families will be receiving grocery deliveries straight to their doorstep. We have had over 40 families/individuals reach out for support and we have contacted them in person, to ensure we get the items to them that are most needed.

So, in saying that, can I ask if you personally have any items you would be able to contribute to this cause, that you await the location/organisation details of the places to donate food/toys to. We are researching now to find the best places for donations to be made.

This Sunday is now going to become ‘Family Fun Day Sunday’ – a day to spend with family, friends and loved ones.

Over the past 3 months, may of us have been so engulfed by this situation we are facing, that we possibly haven’t spent the time we could with those people, so this is what we would like everyone within our group to do on Sunday. Would be great if we can see families doing fun activities together via photo, when Mack puts up his video announcing the day…….after all, its our families that we need to look after most.

Once again, may I say a massive thank you on behalf of our whole Admin team for your offer of help and support. You are all absolute champions.