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Uniting everyone involved in education nationwide including parents and citizens.

Welcome to National Education United. A community of teachers, parents, educators, and support staff dedicated to the removal of mandatory vaccinations and covid passports within schools and society.

We believe that this is the most important issue of our generation in the history of education in Australia and overseas. Nothing is greater than the risk of our children being vaccinated without our consent and the threat of termination if an employee of education is not vaccinated.

Where there is coercion and blackmail, there is no informed consent, and when there is no consent, there is no freedom. This is the battle of our lifetime, and we are committed to being on the front line with all our brothers and sisters.

We do not judge or condemn anyone who has made the choice to have the Covid 19 vaccine. We believe this country needs to unite under one banner of freedom not division. If you feel as strongly as we do about this cause and are as committed as we are to protecting our God-given rights of liberty and love, the please join us.

Pick up your shields, pick up your swords, and don’t give them another inch.


Co-founder of NEU

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